Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Something New

Alright, I'm gonna try something a bit different. A little more experimental... and you, my friends, will be my test audience. In fact, you'll be my only audience, so enjoy the attention.

The experiment is shorter posts with topical information in them.

I know, not what you expected, right? You were thinking videos and dazzling artsy design, weren't you?

No, it's still just lil' ole me with my lil' ole blog. Except now it involves you.

I'll make sure to keep up (or at least attempt to) on the hottest films, and even make reference to a few of the old classics (especially John Wayne).

I'll try to stay in keeping with the theme of film art and the like. Comments are very welcome; the audience usually has the best tips for the filmmaker. I would like to get a much more interactive blog going on, with people asking questions and depositing information. I'm sure there's more than one person out there who studies film the way I do and wants to share it. So don't hesitate to comment and tell me about something you found on an obscure BTS video or a philosophical point concerning filmmaking that you found profound.

If you want to contact me directly, do it here@ johnnyreighard1@gmail.com

I'm gonna try to be consistent with my posting, like once/week at least. So, if you don't see anything for a couple of weeks, feel free to shoot me an email telling me to get it together!

We'll see what happens...


P.S. In fact, if you have any ideas for what my next post could be about, go ahead and comment below or email me.