Saturday, June 4, 2011

Megamind & Despicable Me

I'm sure there were many besides me that saw the many similarities in 2010's Megamind and Despicable Me.
Let's run down the list....

Hilarious Villains

Loyal Sidekicks

Those Minions That We Always Laugh At
(Forgive the lack of Megamind minions, a.k.a., flying robots; they were not forthcoming)

Horrendous Counter-Villains

Cute Kids

I preferred Megamind, to be honest with you. I enjoyed its intelligent use of satire and parody over the cute kids and warm sentiments of Despicable Me. I think it quite arguable that Megamind was a much tighter edit, more filmesque in execution, rounded out with an intelligent use of humorous homage.

However, considering the box office returns, it's pretty evident where the majority's sentiments lie... political satire, homage, parody and sophisticated wit don't seem to have a prayer against outright victorious themes of fatherhood and family. There's just something warm and fuzzy about it.

Lend me your thoughts...


P.S. I think next I'll post a little something about a small project I recently storyboarded...