Wednesday, November 26, 2008

King Garan

I drew this in ink on a cardboard box, then colored it with markers.

The design came mainly from my imagination. I started out with the idea of a heavily armored Viking. Most of the pieces of armor are probably impractical in reality, but they certainly look impressive! the sash was really just a way to get some bright color into the otherwise bland looking picture; the same goes for the beard.
Really, the drawing just came from sitting down and thinking about what I wanted to draw.
By the way, the drawing is only about 2 1/2 inches tall.




David Moore said...

I like the Irish Soldiers Better:-D

Johnny S. Reighard said...

Of course you do.

C.R. Scott said...

That's talent... BTW, (sorry about the following comment in advance): he's far to armored. Vikings chiefs might have gone as far as getting a bigger shield and knee caps, but this... he's more Germanic or Hun. The axe: too complex. Vikings were very simple, actually very poor people (to have a sword made you rich: it took too much metal for everyone to have one). All this metal is faaaar too much for any but the very richest of Vikings. (we're talking about Kings here). And remember that Vikings were all about speed and pure power, things which are lost with the tank-like look of this guy.

This long message about history said, a few things to note: you didn't put horns on the helmet, so I'm very happy about that. You drew this in two inches on cardboard (which I know is very hard to do), and you made it look great. From an artist-only perspective, it's amazing. And you did a good job on the little boots. :). So all in all, artistically, great job. Historically... um... yeah.

You're a great illustrator. :).