Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dystopia: 2

Again, some more of the drawings that I've done for the recent feature film project on Christian Filmmakers.org, and a little behind the design of the concepts I developed.

When it comes to film design, the icing on the cake for me is to find out why the designers chose a specific color, texture or symbol for a certain role. For instance, in Kung Fu Panda 2, the personal colors of the Lord Shen (whose plan it is to take over China) are RED and WHITE. Reminiscent of any island nation's flag who tried to conquer China within the last century? Anyways, little things like that make me giddy...
So, in the same strain, I like to sing my own praises somewhat so that you can understand the brilliance behind my choices. Besides, what's an art blog for if not to showcase the art of the author?

So, to sing my praises... the first couple of thoughts concerning the Enforcer's design was to make several costuming winks at Nazi Germany, found  within the high boots and long trench coats of the first couple that I did. I also wanted to marry the idea of a legal terrorist with the shock troop/policeman concept.
After considering this route, I figured that most soldiers out in the cold and snow would prefer to stay warm, but still agile, and thus would wear snow-pants instead of a trench-coat.

I am very pleased with the hoodie on this one. Not because it's realistic or anything, but because it looks really cool. 

 One of the more heavily-armed designs, although it's rather similar to the one I did in the last post concerning this project.
Here we have another slight nod at Nazi Germany, with the sub-machine gun and the backpack straps. He looks kinda like a paratrooper, too. 
And another terrorist/Nazi/Enforcer, except he's dressing 'casual' with his hoodie down.

Of course, these are all within the same thread of design: small arms units with a few heavy arms for large firefights, but overall light, blitzkrieg troops.

Any similarities to the badguys from Inception, Assassin's Creed and Snow White are completely unintentional, and the parallels exist within the mind of the reader only.

Make sure to check out the movie: http://www.theremembermovie.com/Remember/Home.html
Yeah, they're making it. Awesome, I know.



Jansen Reighard said...

Those are awesome. But then again, I saw these back in October, da sha sha sha.

Timothy Bryson said...

Resemblance to Star Wars snowtroopers is entirely coincidental as well, correct?

Seriously awesome, though. Great concepts, well-executed.

Johnny S. Reighard said...

Uh, yeah... Then again, because Star Wars is now part of history (film history, anyways), I'm allowed to make design motifs that reflect its influence without being plagiaristic.

Thanks for the compliment, Timothy.