Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Steampunky Thoughts...

This post is for three reasons:
1. To detail a few of my thoughts on the design category of Steampunk
2. To publish my thoughts in a public format so as in order to garner criticism and comments
3. To finally add another selection to the compendium of art-related posts on Illustration
3a. To perhaps dazzle someone with my genius

Also, this was rather haphazardly thrown together. Forgive me if I repeat myself, or leave thoughts half-complete, or if I do not create a comprehensive view of the subject.

I believe that the most basic urge to man (in spite of Freud) is the urge to dominion. Dominion is a fact present in both fallen and regenerate man, in that both desire to build kingdoms that will endure, only the Christian builds the Kingdom of God for the sole glory of God, while the fallen man builds his own microcosm kingdom for his own glory.

Steampunk is about dominion. Steampunk is about everybody being an inventor, a genius, with a desire to make a better world. Steampunk can illustrate the true motives of men because it provides a method for everyone to bring their deepest thoughts into total reality. This last part holds true to science fiction in general, but within the realm of the Steampunk Dominion, everyone has a chance to let their most secret fantasies to light. Steampunk is about artistic inventiveness.

From what I have seen, steampunk is typically used to illustrate rugged individualism, radical hippiness, or merely express avant-garde artistic impulse, aside from the general science fiction aspects of the genre. This needn't be so, and the genre can easily be redeemed by a quick mind and a nimble literary skill to write stories that are about family, loyalty, truth, goodness and faith.

Anyways, just a ramble of thoughts.


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